Want to compare hearing aids? There’s an app for that.

Andre Marcoux, Ph.D., has founded AudioMed to bring hearing healthcare clinicians an innovative and patent-pending iPad application. The app, EarScript, allows patients to listen to and compare different hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers within minutes.

EarScriptProfessor Marcoux explains that although hearing aids are medical devices, they are increasingly being treated as novelty items. “It’s important for consumers to be aware that not all products are suitable for them or their level of hearing loss simply because manufacturers or hearing aid centres claim this is the case.” Also, Professor Marcoux became increasingly concerned about hearing aid manufacturers purchasing hearing aid centres and possibly restricting options to meet the needs of an individual’s hearing loss.

Such concerns lead Prof. Marcoux to the development of EarScript, the world’s first software-based hearing aid appraisal device. Licensed to hearing health care clinicians, EarScript allows patients to hear and compare various makes and models of hearing aids specifically for their level of hearing loss.

The sound quality of each hearing aid can be appraised in a variety of listening situations, as simple or complex as those encountered in everyday life by the patient. “Given the importance and considerable expense of treating hearing loss, it’s important for patients to confirm — along with their hearing health care professional — that their hearing aids will meet their particular needs and budget,” says Prof. Marcoux.“ Ultimately, EarScript allows patients to make more informed and accurate choices in a stress-free environment.”

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